What is Article 370 in India | Why Did The Supreme Court Cancel Article 370 ?

What Is The Special Feature of Article 370, Whart Are The Benifits Of Article 370 For Jammu And Kashmir, What Is Article 370 In India, Why Did The Supreme Court Cancel Article 370 ?

Supreme Court ruled that the Presidents abrogation of Article 370, which granted special status to Jammu and kashmir, was justified. In bharath The Supreme Court has canceled Article 370. And this Article 370 was about special Status of Jammu Kashmir. jammu and kashmir is very important for Bharath but Indian Supreme Court was canceled Jammu and Kashmir's special status. Have a look to get know Why Supreme Court was cancel Article 370 in Kashmir.

What Is Article 370 In Bharath

Article 370 gives special status to The State of jammu and Kashmir. But unfortunately Bharath Supreme Court has canceled Article 370 in Kashmir. After merger of Jammu And Kashmir with Bharath On October 17, 1949, it was given special status under Article 370 and included in the Constitution of Bharath. It came into force on 14 May 1954 with the orders of the President. Accordingly, Jammu and Kashmir will have a separate constitution and state signature.

Why Did The Supreme Court Cancel Article 370

Being Self-governing in the matter of self-governance, other states fails to acquire land and property here. The central has powers over Kashmir, including defence, foreign affairs and communication. The central dose not have the authority to declare an economic emergency here. The Assembly has the power to amend and repeal article 370. But Constituent Assembly was dissolved in 1957. This made Article 370 a permanent part of the Constitution.

On 5 August 2019, Jammu and Kashmir gained Statehood abrogation of Article 370 by the Central. The Supreme Court ordered that Jammu and Kashmir's statehood be restored and Assembly elections be held by september 30 next year.