Garba Dance - How To Play Garba Dance And Garba Dance History And Significance

What is Gujarath Traditional Dance,Garba Dance History And Significance How To Play Garba Dance

What is Gujarath Traditional Dance?

Garba Dance is a traditional dance of Gujarat. Goddess Navratri is celebrated for nine days to worship the Goddess. People of Gujarat perform garbha dance in worship of Goddess. Every state in India has its own traditional dance and Garba dance is a traditional dance for the state of Gujarat.

Garba Dance History And Significance

In the state of Gujarat, garba dance is done to remember their culture and traditions. Worshiping Goddess Durga, men and women dance Garba every night till night falls. People of Gujarat observe special dietary rules and fasts for nine days. Goddess is worshiped in various forms during these nine days.

Due to today's modern trends, Gujaratis dance garba to ensure that their children do not forget their culture and traditions and remember their ethnic roots. Garbha dance is great to watch. Everyone who sees it wants to dance.

How To Play Garba Dance

Everyone gathers around and plays garbha dance. If many people participate in this circle dance, they dance in more circles. An idol of Durga Mata, or a lamp, is placed in the center during the dance. Because they believe that their lives revolve around the goddess. Everyone who does garbha dance does it barefoot.

Garba dance has been included in the Representative List of the Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Garba dance has been recognized by UNESCO.